About us


We at Srinivas Charistable Trust (SCT) echo the voice of elderly people. An acute and sad awareness of this socio-cultural problem (especially in the rural and semi-urban areas) urged the Trustees to do something positive and reassuring in this matter.
We are a secular, not-for-profit organization registered under the government registrar’s office' as per the deed
provided earlier. With sole intention of changing lives of old and needy people at their difficult phases of lives, Shrinivas Charitable Trust (SCT) was established on 15th April 2004. 
This trust is formed and executed on the day of 15th April 2004 and Smt.Sushila Shrinivas Shanbhag, Smt.Kapila S Shanbhag, Smt.Vinaya S Shanbhag and Smt.Meera S Shanbhag all four daughters of Late Shri Shrinivas Govind Shanbhag of Herwatta, Kumta collectively known as settlers represented by Smt.Meera S Shanbhag who have donated a land of 0-4-0 guntas of their possession to the Trust named “ SHRINIVAS CHARITABLE TRUST “ Which consists of 7 life time trustees namely :



Smt.Meera S Shanbhag, Herwatta, Kumta 


Shri Anant P Shanbhag, Bastipet, Kumta               
Shri Dinkar M Kamat, Kumta
Smt.Sumana, Laxman Prabhu, Herwatta, Kumta
Shir Narasimha Annappa, Goli, Herwatta, Kumta
Shri Krishna Baba pai, Gudigargalli, Kumta 
Shir Dasa Ranga Shanbhag, Old Post Road, Kumta

Treasurer / Administrator


The Board of Trustees shall consist of an aggregate of 15 members including lifetime trustees. The trustees other than life time trustees and also the executive body (President, Secretary and Treasurer) shall hold office for a period of 5 years.
Four Guntas of land has been generously and graciously donated to the trust by the four daughters of Late Shrinivas Govind Shanbhag of Herwatta and another Eleven Guntas of land has been purchased adjoining the donated site. Recently another 2.5 Guntas of land has also been donated by Shri Radhakrishna R. Nayak and his brother adjoining the site for making a beautiful garden in the sweet memory of their parents.
The foundation stone for an old age home was laid on 4.11.2004.  Named as ‘Gold Age Home’ (GAH), the home was inaugurated by His Holiness Shree Vidyadhiraj Swami of Parthgali Math on 16th February 2008 in Kumta a coastal town in Karnataka.
Situated just 1.5 Kilometers away from national Mumbai-Mangalore highway NH3, GAH is a second home for old and needy people. Built over an area of 5000 square feet, GAH has green and peaceful surroundings far from busy city crowd.
We have best of the facilities available for our in-mates which give them an unique experience of home away from home. Well equipped medical center, spacious double occupancy rooms, satvik home made food in dining area, recreation activities like gardening, bhajan singing, yoga centre  are regular activities here.
At GAH, you would see a rare combination of glorious ancient Wisdom of India and the best of modern life. Equipped with start of art facilities GAH is designed and developed for the betterment of the quality of human life, materially, morally and spiritually.
Besides this core-commitment the Trust also offers scholarships and financial aid to the needy and deserving to enable them to pursue education at lower and higher levels.


Our vision

  • Bring in awareness about GAH within India and abroad by 2015 and be one of the most sought after home for any needy Senior citizen in North Canara District.


  • Mission of Gold Age Home is to work for the cause and care of disadvantaged Older Persons, in order to improve the quality of their lives and reach out to:


  • Indian and NRI families who find difficulty in managing work life balance due to aging family members


  • Senior Citizens who would like to have home like environment in community based living.


  • To raise funds for projects which assist the elderly irrespective of cast or creed


Objectives and Highlights of the Trust

To set up an OLD AGE HOME with all facilities required to all senior citizens accommodated therein for performing Yoga, Prayers, Adhathama Center, Reading rooms and all recreation facilities along with all medical facilities and maintain the same on regular basis.


To construct and maintain institution, to encourage creativity in art and impart education in various aspects of creative visual art such as painting, sculpture and applied arts.


To encourage experiments in Yoga and related activities.


To start, manage, control, maintain, take over institutions imparting spiritual, general, culture, technical and vocational educational with a view to build ideal citizens.


To award scholarships and prizes to deserving and meritorious students pursuing their higher studies.


To start, run, maintain, support institutions and activities engaged in teaching, developing Sanskrit, Vedas and Hindu Culture and values to the public.


To assist needy Devotees in time of grave crisis and difficulties and to lead a respectable life


To give financial aids by way of Grants to deserving students studying in various educational institutions and to conduct workshop for all ages.


To construct establishment and maintain Boarding Houses or Hostels including working women Hostel to establish libraries and reading rooms


To set up and construct Art Galleries, Museums, Auditoriums to encourage creativity in all forms of art.


To do all such things, acts and activities which are essential for future objects of the trust.


In the event of dissolution or winding up of this Trust, the net assets as on the date of dissolution shall under no circumstances be distributed among the Trustees but shall be transferred to another Charitable Institution whose objects are similar to those of this trust and which enjoy recognition under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961.


The Trust soliciting funds by the philanthropic persons and Charitable Institutions through donations, subscriptions, grants , presents, contributions or offerings etc.for the benefits and development of the trust and trust shall maintain permanent General Fund. Trust has obtained Income Tax Exemption of 80G of Income Tax Act 961.