Since how many years is GAH operational?

GAH is operational since last 3 years. Inaugurated by His Holiness Shree Vidyadhiraj Swami of Parthgali Math on 16th February 2008.


What is the current strength of Inmates, Staff?

Currently there are 6 inmates and staff of around 10 people


What are the basic facilities available here?

We have best of the facilities available for our in-mates which gives them an unique experience of home away from home. The facilities consist of:

  • Gold age home has facility for self-contained accommodation for two in each room with bed linens and hot water facilities. Each room is equipped with two cupboards, two chairs and tables.
  • Round the clock attendant available.
  • A pure, satvic and nutritious fresh vegetarian food served to residents.
  • Medical Check center
  • Washing and Laundry Facility
  • Walking Track
  • The residents are provided with cable TV, VCR, tape recorder and radio facility for entertainment in common lounge
  • Library’
  • Solar Lighting
  • Indoor Games
  • Purified Drinking Water
  • A separate hall for bhajans, meditation and yoga.
  • An attractive garden and recreation on both sides of the building.
  • A well maintained and clean kitchen along with a spacious dining hall with ventilation.

The residents can participate in Raghavendra Vrindavan’s activities adjacent to Gold Age Home.
Gold Age Home organizes excursion trips to nearby areas for residents.

How can I see these facilities online?

You can take a virtual tour by visiting our ‘Photo Gallery’ for seeing the facilities online home page.

What are the basic eligibility criteria for admission?

Senior citizens of sixty & above are admitted.  The right to admission of resident is reserved by the board of trustees.


What are the formalities of admission?

A duly filled form along with required documentation needs to be submitted to the office.

What are the medical facilities provided to inmates?

Medical Facilities: A separate room is provided for doctors for OPD. Dr. Prabhkar Nayak is the doctor on call to the GAH. 

Health checks are carried out on regular intervals and also based on specialized instructions given during admission. Doctor on call is available for 24 hrs to ensure timely treatment in case of any emergencies. Health card is maintained for each in-mate and available on demand by Children or any close relative.


What is the progress and improvement in facilities / infrastructure?

Improvements and additions for better comfort are kept posted on website. This helps all to get real time update.


How will I get to know about Future development plans?

Plans that are worked out are posted on our website so that people who donate are informed where funds are going to be used.


How can I communicate with my person who is staying there?


Raghavendra Nagar
Kumta- 581332
Uttar Kannada
Tel: 00918386-224391
Mobile: 09448996202
Email: info@sctrust.in

How can I donate?

Only Cheques or DDs are accepted. All donations are having Tax exemptions as it is a registered trust.
Donations can be made on the name of “ SHRINIVAS CHARITABLE TRUST “on following address :

Raghavendra Nagar
Kumta- 581332
Uttar Kannada
Tel: 00918386-224391


How much will I need to pay while admitting a person and what is the breakup of the fees?

While admitting a Senior Citizen following payments are to be made:
Initial deposit Rs 100000/- for one room ( Single or Double Occupancy ).
Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly payments - Rs 36000 / Rs 9000 / Rs 3000
Additional specific payments for medications / other material – Demanded if needed.

Can couples be admitted and can they stay together?

Yes . Couples can be admitted and can stay together.

If I come to see my person then can I stay with them for few days?

You need to inform GAH a week in advance. Depending on availability of rooms intimation would be given to the person.

If yes how much would be my charges?

You need to pay Rs 300 / per night ( Inclusive of breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner )
And Rs 150 / night (only stay)

Incase of emergency which hospital has the tie up with the goldage home?

In case of emergency tie up is with Canara Health Care Centre and Kumta Nursing Home, Basi peth , Kumta.


For any emergency how will I be intimated by GAH (Gold Age Home)?

In case of emergency GAH will inform by call or email or by registered post.
In case of death, if relative cannot reach by consent the formalities will be completed.


Can my relatives visit them and at what frequency and what are the timings?

Relatives can visit during office hours or with intimation.

Incase if I need to terminate his/her stay in the middle then what are the formalities?

You can terminate the arrangement by an application to the trust. No money will be refunded.